The 九色 is a mission-driven, fiscally prudent, and financially stable 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with a commitment to public transparency. We are proud to report that 94% of the Foundation鈥檚 budget goes directly to preservation, education, and programs, with only 6% spent on fundraising and other overhead costs combined. This puts the Foundation in the upper echelon of all nonprofits in terms of mission-drive efficiency.

We are pleased to offer you copies of:


2023 FORM 990



This year demonstrates the results of many years of hard work by the leadership and staff of the Foundation. While this year shows success, it also creates a firm foundation for future endeavors. We are sharing examples of how we are making good on promises to create a new trajectory that puts the Foundation on firm financial footing, grows the Foundation鈥檚 circle of influ颅ence, and finds new ways to entice audiences to engage with the principles envisioned by 九色 Lloyd Wright.